Top 10 Public Library Websites

This post is a follow-up to my previous post “Top 10 Academic Library websites.”  Though I work in an academic library, I believe there is much to be learned from looking at public library sites, especially because of their focus on user services.

Here are my top 10 favorite public library websites:

1)  Johnson County Library, Kansas

This my choice for Best Public Library website.  What I like:

  • Clean, sleek, modern design and layout.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • No library jargon – instead, user-friendly language like “Using the library” and “Find a good book”
Johnson County Library
Johnson County Library website detail
  • Use of BiblioCommons Web 2.0 OPAC.
  • Their web catalog app for iphone

2) Clinton-Macomb Public Library

This library is a close second.

What I like:

  • Short Camtasia tutorials for patron functionality
  • They have a mobile site!
  • Easy to navigate and understand
Clinton Macomb Public Library
Clinton Macomb Public Library website detail

3) Thomas Ford Memorial Library

This library gets my vote for Best Small Public Library website.  Nice clean look, user-friendly, easy to navigate.

4) Kalamazoo Public Library

Best Browse page – a nice easy-to-use reader’s advisory feature.

5) West Bloomfield Public Library

This library gets my vote for the Best Kids Website.

West Bloomfield youth website
West Bloomfield Public Library youth website

6) Evanston Public Library 

A nice-looking, user-friendly site.

What I like:

  • Clean, sleek, modern design and layout.
  • Nifty “change font size” widget embedded right in header.  Great for older patrons.
Evanston Public Library
Evanston Public Library website detail

7) Seattle Public Library

Best Website for Diverse Audiences.  Check out the way they have created parallel pages in different languages – going beyond the usual Google translate widget.

Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library website detail

8 ) Osceola Library System, Florida

This gets my vote for Prettiest Public Library Website. The use of images for navigation is very sleek and attractive.

9) Ann Arbor Library District

There is a large amount of information on this site, but it is well organized and easy to navigate.

10) Scottsdale Public Library

Very clean, sparse, yet informative.

For more great examples of public library website, see the Library Website Hall of Fame.

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